One Word Can Change One’s Life –Successful Entrepreneur, Keo Mom – LyLy

One word of a Singaporean businessman has completely changed a Cambodian woman’s life. Mrs. Keo Mom has become a successful young entrepreneur after she tried to struggle a commitment by the enthusiasm makes enterprise fragile LyLy, which opened in 2002. The business has growing significantly. She then had been producing over 20 kinds of cakes with more than 10 flavors. Those cakes are popular among Cambodia young people, particularly children.

In the age of 39 years with her skin looks like Chinese half-blood told that at the very first of her career, she was just a sale staff for a company by selling grocery at her small shop. Later, one Singaporean businessman met and advised her that “if you still continue doing a traditional business like this, you will never grow your business, instead you should start an exclusive business for yourself that would grow faster”

The keyword of a Singaporean businessman, combined with the ingrained mindset of childhood as she is a daughter of traders that used to help her parents to sell grocery products, at the same time, she also thought that there are rich in raw materials for producing cakes which can leader to more profitable; therefore she decided to produce the fragile cake, known as LyLy in May 2002. Yet the business nature at that time was a family business.

In just age of 27 years old to be a responsible business and management required to have high commitment, she said. She was facing and through the obstacles, difficulties, headaches almost every day.

Even more difficult, as a business woman, was hard to build trust with business partners, lack of capital and the bank was not allow to borrow money because they afraid that I would not return back the money.

Sitting on a black plastic sofa faced to the cake with a solid desk wood with a computer on it, director general manager, mentioned that the circumstance that we faced very difficult

  1. Do not have the knowledge to produce the cake
  2. Do not have management skills with of capital

When buying raw materials from the venders, they shows distrust communications and looked down with a business woman likes her, yet she tried her best to build trust with them. Even though she never ever gave up her passion even she faced those challenges. This leads Keo Mom leading her business growing over time.
After facing countless difficulties and obstacles about 12 years, she was awarded for the young successful entrepreneur and hygiene award recognized the quality of many countries in 2014.

Until 2014, this enterprise fragility not only produced for the country’s market share, yet it will expand market share to Myanmar and United States.

She suggests to young Cambodian that “Effort and self-perseverance with risk taking following by high commitment in all the time, or do not blame the staff whey they did something wrong, instead encourage them to work that is the first step of success point.”

We have to carefully manage our business. The more the business grow, the more carefully manage the business and ready to stand for challenges and obstacles that might happen.
Even the business is growing and success, yet the strengthening of sanitary and quality is important. Doing this thought advertising on media such as TV or radio, to let the customer know about the update quality of LyLy fragile cake.


Keo Mom is Takeo based family. In the Pol Pot regime, her parents were evacuated to Kampong Speu where her birth place. She was born in September 1975. At that time, her mother did not carefully look after her as she did with other children in the family. Yet, she was luck because she was taken care by baby sitter who assigned to take care of children by Khmer Rouge.

Later, her family has not returned Takeo, is justify subsistence adapter struggling like other people in Phnom Penh after 7th January 1979.

Keo Mom studied at Wat Koh primary school in decade 80. Because of the poor family condition with an old mother, on behalf of a third child among 7 siblings (5 female), she quitted high school to help her parents business (selling grocery).

She now has three children, 2 sons and 1 daughter. The children are the gift after her marriage since 1993. She manages both business and family, expecting to bring prosperity to the family. The three children are good children. They are currently pursuing there studying in Canada.

Keo Mom

For enterprises LyLy cake fragile, with compliance incentives and policies of the government push to increase its production for ready compete in the market ASEAN which is going to integrate in 2015.

Currently, a number of LyLy cake fragile for health has been exporting through Sihanoukville port to sell in United States’ market. She expects her LyLy fragile enterprise would promote the economy growth and employ more people.

Lastly, Keo Mom advises to all women that “Women should commit and build trust with high responsibility for themselves. You should never ever giving up you job when you face problem. You need to find out your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threat. Do not care about who criticize you, just do the right thing with self-consciousness.

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